Senio Simplicity

Earth by Senio
Earth, leaf and bone, by Senio

Earth is new a double-fired ceramic tile collection from Senio that delivers a simple and essential design.  It consists of a rectangular 50 by 200mm tiles (2″ by 8”), in eight colours: Brick, Bone, Clay, Dune, Lagoon, Leaf, Mud, and Slate.

Earth, dune, by Senio
Earth, dune, by Senio

This series has been inspired by the warm and deep colours of nature, achieving a smart product, with a slightly rough surface that brings the user closer to nature, and provides a subtly tactile experience.

Earth by Senio
Earth, lagoon, by Senio

Special pieces include a Quartino cm 10 by 200mm, and Baguette cm 13 by 200mm; plus a Mosaic in 300 by 313mm (12” by 121/3”).

Earth by Senio
Earth, brick, by Senio

As small formats become increasingly in fashion, this is a valuable addition to the tile buyer’s options.

A new post by Joe Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, March 2018.

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