King's Star Blue by Somertile

Projecting Pattern

If you are seeking new decorative inspiration at Coverings, then Tile Addict urges you to visit SomerTile stand.  The company’s stand will feature, among other new designs, King’s Star Blue; durable ceramic slabs which have four 83/4in (200 by 200mm) squares separated by scored grout lines.  This retro-chic design offers realistic imitations of scuffs and spots that provide authentic-looking marks of worn, century-old tile and bring rustic charm to any interior.  Nine different variations are available which are randomly scattered throughout each case of tiles.  King’s Star Blue ceramic tiles have a medium surface sheen, and are suitable for wall or floor applications.  SomerTile suggest using a charcoal grey grout during installation to emphasise the design’s strong graphic appeal.

King's Star Blue by Somertile
King’s Star Blue by Somertile

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