Tremendous Trends 2019

After trawling through list after list of proposed tile and interior trends of 2019, it seems there are a few things everyone is ready to see a lot of (predominantly those growing on the success of last years trends), and a couple of others from left-field that stand alone. There are also a some things trend-spotters really canโ€™t agree on. For the benefit of Tile Addict readers, here is a list of the most hyped trends from across the board. In the coming days each will be given their own separate space to see which companies are bringing the trends to life in their collections, as well as ways they could be utilised throughout the home or on commercial sites.

Cementine Blanco, Cementine Ocre and Brush Ocre Deco from Mainzu Ceramica (200x200mm)


Bright, bold use of colour seems to be something almost everyone can agree is continuing to grow in the design world. Some specify the shade; blues are be set to remain big- from deep dark ocean blues, to pale sky hues; as is Living Coral and its sister, salmon pink, whereas the rest see the use of complementary and high-contrast colours coming to the fore, whatever the shade. Full article

Kasagi Nube and Nagano Indigo from the Hanami Collection VIVESKasagi Nube and Nagano Indigo from the Hanami Collection VIVES
Kasagi Nube and Nagano Indigo from the Hanami Collection VIVES


Perfectly complementing the colour trend, most also agree that the use of unusual shapes will be preferred over the standard format. These range from individual tile shapes such as triangle and fish scale, to intricate patterns that allow for varied and unique surface solutions. Full article


Coming from different ends of the spectrum, both large format and small, thin tiles are set to be on trend. Taking things to the next level in terms of large format, this year weโ€™re talking very large, all encompassing tiles that extend the look beyond flooring and up to countertops and walls. With minimal grout lines this can have quite the impact in open-plan spaces. As for the smaller tiles, only a few have heralded this as a big trend, however itโ€™s right on the money to lend itself to another interior trend of the year, herringbone. Full article

Quietstones Maximum in Quiet Numb by GranitiFiandre (3000x1000mm)
Bricked Bianco from Alteret (50x270mm)
Bricked Bianco from Alteret (50x270mm)


A fun trend for 2019, tile texture is becoming more and more important. With the never-ending developments from tile manufacturers, it is understandable how tactile surfaces can easily end up as the next big thing. Whether it’s out-there and fully 3D, or simply bucking the smooth, flat tile trend of yesteryear by allowing organic or designed finishes to shine through, texture may be the one to watch. Full article

Superwhite Spire from Keraben (300x900mm)
Superwhite Wind from Keraben (300x900mm)

Traditional and artisanal

Heading back to our artistic roots seems to be the way to go in 2019. In keeping with both the use of colour, shape and texture in order to personalise living spaces, choosing artisanal, hand-made and traditional pieces takes this a step further. The tile imperfections are a real selling point that makes them appropriate both in the modern home, and for restoration projects. Full article

Angela Harris Dunmore Sonata Mural (80x80mm)
Angela Harris Dunmore Sonata Mural (80x80mm)

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