Cementine Blanco, Cementine Ocre and Brush Ocre Deco from Mainzu Ceramica (200x200mm)

Colouration, Colouration, Colouration!

Increasingly cropping up in interior style last year, this 2019 trend isn’t shying away. Bold, lively use of colour is here to party. Both interior design and the fashion world have warmly welcomed colour back into the fold, with the former shirking classic neutrals in favour of something a little more fun, and the latter recalling the colour-blocking style from 2011.

Interior designers are especially looking towards an increasing use of colour in the kitchen. As consumers begin to tire of greys and whites, backsplashes, floor tiles, and countertops in contrasting or complementary colours become more popular.

Cementine Blanco, Cementine Rosso, Cementine Ocre, Cementine Choco and Bastide Choco Deco from Mainzu (200x200mm)

Colour will be used to create dynamic living spaces full of energy whether it’s used in large amounts or as a dramatic solo focal point. It is also likely to be used in conjunction with texture and pattern, and even large format tiles to really make a statement.

Creos in Coral from Ceramiche Refin
Creos in Coral from Ceramiche Refin

The Habitat Collection from Equipe showcases five bold tones and five muted colours for the tiles. They are available in plain colour or decor style which is perfect to use as a unique focal kitchen splashback.

Le Tinte Unite from Fuoriformato provides large format tiles in a full colour palette with 30 different shades to choose from. The tiles come in square (1000x1000mm) and rectangular format (1000x3000mm) with a thickness of 5.6mm. They are ideal for exterior cladding and interior projects to provide bold, seamless decor.

Le Tinte Unite in Azzuro 01, Bianco 01 and Grigio 03 by Fuoriformato (1000x3000mm)
Le Tinte Unite in Azzuro 01, Bianco 01 and Grigio 03 by Fuoriformato (1000x3000mm)

A distinctive, textural use of colour and shape come from the Rilievi collection by Zaven with CEDIT (previously covered by Tile Addict). Using two basic elements; a large, coloured ceramic slab and a three-dimensional “relief tile”, a unique artistic wall can be designed.

Rilievi in Terra, Nebbia and Lido & decor, designed by Zaven
Rilievi in Terra, Nebbia and Lido & decor, designed by Zaven

Available in six colours and four sizes (1200x1200mm, 600x1200mm, 1200x2400mm and 600x2400mm) the large format slabs can be combined with the three different 3D decor elements in seven different colours to create a whole range of designs.

Hydraulic tiles from Alteret Cerámicas in “smooth colours” are brilliantly realised with nine vibrant shades to choose from (and four greyscale options). Create colourful interiors with these “smooth” floor tiles.

Some of the most eye-catching use of colour comes from Cerâmica Antigua. Various designs in their collections utilise striking colour in pattern and design to create living spaces with a life of their own.

Mosaic by Antigua (300x300mm)
Mosaic by Cerâmica Antigua (300x300mm)
Dakota V04 from Antigua (110x110mm)
Dakota V04 by Cerâmica Antigua (110x110mm)

Antigua celebrates colour throughout their catalogue, most prominently in their artistic decorative pieces. These tiles not only create lively spaces but are quite actively works of art in their own right.

Brazil Collection by Cerâmica Antigua
Brazil Collection by Cerâmica Antigua

On top of this, they offer over 25 different bright colour options for internal walls from all regions of the colour spectrum. The colour range extends into additional brushstroked colours, nuance colours, and matt & satin colours.

Additional tiles in colourful palettes include: Operae by Ornamenta, Bold by Marca Corona, Sfera by Equipe, Acquerello by Made+39, Verve by Novabell, Hanami by Vives, and Artwork by Casa Dolce Casa.

With shades, styles and sizes to suit any individual, 2019’s love for colour can be utilised with ease pretty much anywhere.

Cerâmica Antigua

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, February 2019.

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