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Tile Addict is revisiting a few vigilante ceramic artists that have been previously featured on the site. Today the spotlight shines back on public do-gooder Jim Bachor who spends his time filling one of life’s most frustrating driving problems- potholes.

Bachor, Pretty Trashed, ceramic vigilante, pothole
Bachor, Pretty Trashed, Ramen Noodles (Chicken) 2017

Not only is this a public service in and of itself, he tops the former road-blights with mini artworks which, in his own words, creates pieces “that speak of modern things in an ancient voice”. That ancient voice is, of course, mosaic work.  Inspiration for the technique comes from its use “in the ancient world” where “mosaics were used to capture images of everyday life”.  And today Bachor is working to do the same, while also challenging the notion of what a mosaic should be, what it should represent, and where it should be placed.  He captures the modern and mundane in an exciting and highly-skilled way that will not fade.  As he says “mortar is mortar”.

Bachor, Pretty Trashed, ceramic vigilante, pothole hot sauce
Bachor, Pretty Trashed, Hot Sauce 2017
Bachor, ceramic artist, pothole, murals in the market, hotdog
Bachor, Murals in the Market, Hotdog 2018

Unfortunately, due to their very public locations, not all of his pieces stand the test of time, and many that can be seen on his website are marked with a disappointing ‘gone’ note.  One of his ‘collections’ Vermin of New York may just have had a little too much of a political bent to become a permanent fixture of the city; especially due to the inclusion of one particular President.

Bachor, Vermin of New York, ceramic vigilante, pothole Trump
Bachor, Vermin of New York, Donald Trump 2018 (gone)

Inspirations for his collections range from flora and fauna, convenience foods, and even musical legend Aretha Franklin, who featured in his Murals in the Market.  A piece was created in her memory in September 2018 in Detroit.

Bachor, Murals in the Market, ceramic vigilante, pothole aretha
Bachor, Murals in the Market, Aretha 2018

A great way to fix a pothole!  Unfortunately it is mainly America that reaps the reward of his mosaic mastery.  For the full map of his installations click here.


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