In Lea Ceramiche We Trust

In Milan, Italy, the Briscola Pizza Society is staying true to its name.  With help from Lea Ceramiche, and architectural design from Fabio Novembre, these two new locations in Porta Nuova and Duomo transform the classic Italian playing cards into ceramic decor.

Briscola 007

With a simple, elegant, yet inclusive feel, these large grey-scale diamond designs can be repeated throughout the chain to create a uniform look that not only speaks of the restaurants name, but also of its consumer base.

Briscola 005

Briscola 008

Lea Ceramiche’s Slimtech Take Care dominate the flooring and were cut to perfectly imitate the classic playing cards.  This space exemplifies the variation that can be achieved with ceramics, combining both colour contrasts and shape for a striking visual effect.  To complement the card pattern, full height designs of the games figures are displayed on the walls.

Briscola 003
Briscola 009

The entire effect is humorous and classy, and makes for an extremely stylish place to enjoy a pizza!

Lea Ceramiche

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