Centura Configuration

A dramatic façade encases the new Centura HQ in Quebec.  White, polished, large format Florim Oversize Magnum (1,200 by 2,400mm) create the look with a unique customised pentagon shape.  These slabs are versatile and lightweight and come with a thickness of just 6mm, as well as sizes raging from 800 by 800mm to 1,600 by 3,200mm.


These large formats give a continuous look for fully integrated designs and coherent styles.  They can be used in diverse settings, from wall and floor coverings, indoor and outdoor furnishing, and – as we see at the Centura HQ – ventilated rainscreen cladding.


The S1 anchor system used provides a high level of resistance against weathering.  To enhance the geometric shapes and illuminate the building, LED lights have been placed inside the joints, creating an even more exciting exterior.


More on the project here


A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, April 2019

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