Royal Arsenal Dial Square redesign restaurant

Delightful Dial Square

The new, stylish venue for Arsenal FC fans celebrates the birth of the club in a way that ties history with today with a refreshing and modern interior. Located at the Clock End of the Arsenal FC’s Emirates Stadium the club’s origins are highlighted from the off.


The designers at 20.20 sought to embody the industrial nature of the club’s inception, as the players were originally workers at the Royal Arsenal munitions factory, and Dial Square was named after the sundial which helped factory workers keep time. Throughout the space are nods to the past, with dedications to the time-saving dial, references to the “Manufacture & Proofing” that brought the club together, and even details to signify the team’s first game.


The space is open and social with a range of seating areas for both intimate, enclosed gatherings, and expansive moveable tables for large groups. The flooring is varied, with wood, stone and tile all having their moment. The bar and much of the seating area features Victorian inspired black and white square tiles (from Solus’ Program 2 range), given a modern geometric twist with occasional triangle elements. Solus was utilised again on the walls with their red and white wall tiles from the Blockade range.


A bulk of the room is made up with grey stone style tiles forming cobble fans which come together to form the face of a sundial. Gold decors separate the finishes, representing not only the ‘Royal’ in Royal Arsenal, but also the club’s success, and rays of light from the sun.


This is not 20.20’s first endeavor into the football world, having previously created spaces for Manchester City and Liverpool, both projects can be viewed by clicking on their respective names.

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