Enigmatic Euridice

Although tiles are commonly works of art in their own right, this collection created in collaboration with Italian artist Giorgio Griffa takes that concept to another level. Since the mid-sixties Griffa’s work has developed from a traditional approach to subject and style, to one identifably formed in the abstract-expressionist and tachiste movements.

Giorgio Griffa artist Turin Italy abstract conceptual
Giorgio Griffa

Despite being firmly categorised as belonging to this ‘analytical painting’ movement, today his work proves difficult place. Although clearly conceptual, the focus appears to be less an attempt to analyse painting itself and more “a homage to painting itself”. His work is simple, from the choice of canvas to the use of shapes, yet the outcome is expressive and rich with history.

Orizzontale Quadrato Euridice CEDIT Florim
Orizzontale Quadrato

For CEDIT, the Euridice collection’s modular repetition of signs and simple shapes sets to create environments suitable for everyday living. The nature of the pieces is ideal for large-scale reproduction and can be easily utilised as individual works, or as unique stand-out elements of a whole. In Griffa’s own works his preference is for the rough, raw surfaces of fabrics such as jute and linen, and this is effortlessly applied to the collection.

Discendente Euridice Giorgio Griffa CEDIT Florimg tile design
Discendente and Tela

There are six colours on offer, five of which are keen and distinctive abstract expressions in a variety of vibrant hues, and one of which is an unadulterated sample of the organic looking textured canvas on which the rest of the collection is based. Three large-format sizes (600mm by 1200mm, 1200mm by 1200mm, 1200mm by 2400mm) retain the magnificence of the work, and in keeping with the feel of Griffa’s art, only a matte/natural finish is offered.

Discendente, Orizzontale Quadrato, Obliquo and Tela Euridice Giorgio Griffa CEDIT Florimg tile design
Discendente, Orizzontale Quadrato, Obliquo and Tela

The collection is unique in its ability to tie the organic with the abstract, to embody simplicity with its style, and to define its own atmosphere without obliging any one interpretation.

Obliquo Verticale and Tela Euridice Giorgio Griffa tile design
Obliquo Verticale and Tela

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Giorgio Griffa

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