Silicastone Terrazzo in Celadon from Alusid recycled tiles

Silicastone Saves Scrap

Adding to the raft of innovative eco companies featured here on Tile Addict is Alusid – formed in 2015 after research at the University of Central Lancashire which investigated ways that waste could be repurposed into surface materials. The result was Silicastone, a new durable material made from 98% minimum of glass, ceramics and mineral waste.

Alusid Strata Charcoal recycled tile Lancashire silicastone
Silicastone Strata in Charcoal from Alusid

Five tile collections and two surface solutions are offered on their site, each range exploring the unique and varied look of Silicastone. Incline was developed to be used on larger projects and the shape is designed to become a dramatic feature when downlit. The tiles are naturally heavy and come in sizes 250mm by 50mm and 250mm by 100mm with thicknesses ranging from 9-30mm.

Alusid Incline Teal recycled tile Lancashire
Silicastone Incline in Teal from Alusid

The colour palette for three of the ranges (Incline, Weave and Strata) is limited to natural, charcoal, and teal, with honed or textured finish variants of each. These three ranges are also all suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Strata comes in five sizes (from 100mm by 100mm to 100mm by 300mm) and two thicknesses (12mm and 15mm) which can be utilised together to create an aesthetic statement. Weave gives a similar visual effect to Incline as is available in the same sizes.

Alusid Weave recycled tile Lancashire
Silicastone Weave from Alusid

The ranges Tints and Crackle take innovation a step further playing on colour and glaze. Crackle is available in only Cartmel Cream but its distinctive surface offers variety, perfect for a range of interiors. Tints offers six organic colours in five sizes with a 12mm thickness. Alusid’s range Shades is a variant of Tints, but with larger sizes up to 600mm by 600mm available.

Silicastone Tints in Glazed Green from Alusid recycled tiles
Silicastone Tints in Glazed Green from Alusid

Alusid’s additional surface slab option is Terrazzo, which is available up to 1000mm by 1500mm and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. There are six colours to choose form which are created with either pigment or recycled aggregates.

These tiles and surface solutions are an incredible use of waste, 60% of which was previously destined for landfill, and the company also seeks to create as little of their own waste as possible, reusing it throughout their manufacturing process. The end results vary greatly, celebrating the natural variety found in natural stone and the imperfections inherent in uniquely produced products.

Silicastone Shades from Alusid recycled tiles
Silicastone Shades from Alusid


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