Selected Sequel

Exclusive to Parkside in the UK is Sequel from Alusid. Aptly named to follow on from the story their tiles have already started, which Tile Addict covered here. At Clerkenwell the new range was on show, with an intricate look at each step in the manufacturing process. The story of chipped and broken porcelain and glass, re-homed by Alusid into a stunning range of tiles was a focal point of the Parkside showroom.

Sequel Shoreditch Blue (100x100mm) Alusid Clerkenwell recycled tiles
Sequel Shoreditch Blue (100x100mm)

These handmade tiles are also individually glazed by the Alusid team, creating unique pieces. Their new range features three new organic shades and three shapes. Greenwich Green is an inky blue/green with an oceanic feel. Paddington Pink is more on the pastel side, soft yet warm pale pink with a touch of purple to it. Shoreditch Blue is a distant cousin to Greenwich Green, a similar inky essence but with shade variations more akin to the the changing skies, from daylight to darkness. Due to the manufacturing process, texture and shade varies throughout each colour range offering an unrefined charm.

Sequel Paddington Pink (200x100mm) Alusid Clerkenwell recycled tiles
Sequel Paddington Pink (200x100mm)

The available shapes are classic: a 100 by 100mm square, a 200 by 100mm subway tile, and a 300 by 75mm elongated subway tile which is perfectly on trend.

Clerkenwell Design Week

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