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This is a truly exciting innovation promoted by Iris Ceramica Group. With Design Your Slabs, any image or design can be recreated on FIANDRE ceramic surfaces. This includes, and focuses on, large scale ceramic slabs – ideal for remarkable façades and show stealing interiors.


Their whole system is tailor made with tile formats ranging from 750mm by 375mm to 3,000mm by 1,500mm, although the system is said to be able to reproduce imagery on any format size and shape. This precise technology makes easy work of even the slightest detail, enabling never-before-imagined designs on an incredibly grand scale.


FIANDRE’s catalogue demonstrates just how ingenious these designs can be, with aquarium recreations, pop-art imitations, depth-play optical illusions, and stunning patterns to name a few. Design Your Slabs doesn’t shy away from photographic or artistic representations, nor does it struggle with bright colours and metallic effects.

Design Your Slab GranitiFiandre Iris Ceramica customisable ceramic tile
Design Your Slab GranitiFiandre Iris Ceramica customisable ceramic tile

These impressive slabs are not only decorative, but functional. Due to the company’s innovation, these ceramic pieces are frost resistant, do not absorb water, and resist sudden temperature changes. They are also resistant to stains and chemicals. For external applications it is important to note that they are resistant to moss and mould and are easy to clean. In terms of safety, they are also fire resistant.



Due to the potential complexity of the images they showcase, the maintenance of these designs is also important. The slabs have been created so that the colours are resistant to UV rays and are not quick to fade. This means the lucky buildings that feature these works of ceramic art can remain public eye-candy for years to come.

View the full catalogue here

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