Medieval Mastery

Looking back at past issues of both Tile UK and Tile & Stone Journal to prepare this blog has been a joyous trip down memory lane. Over the years I have met some truly inspirational tile makers and designers; individuals with a real love of the material and its limitless potential. Few have had such an intimate relationship with clay as Diana Hall, whom I interviewed in her Dorset home in 2001. Her total immersion in her work has resulted in many painstaking restoration projects and some wonderfully tactile inlaid tiles that have a quality one can only describe as spiritual.

Diana Hall
Diana Hall at work in her studio in 2001

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4 thoughts on “Medieval Mastery

  1. I read with great interest this article and enjoyed the video of Diana Hall.
    I would like to have a direct contact with Diana if possible as I am interested in medieval tiles both from the academic and the practical point of view.
    My pathway is similar to hers: as my four children began their university careers in the 1980’s, I was able, from being a language teacher, to go back to my own studies and prepare a degree in Italian and History of Art and later a Masters in Medieval History. Now I am ready to tackle the practical and have decided to make tiles myself. I have located a ceramics teacher and will be using her facilities to make a start.

  2. I too am interested in finding out more about Diana Hall. I have spent a lifetime teaching design and Ceramics and in my retirement have just established a small tile pottery in France. Is there anyway of contacting her and indeed anyone else who shares this passion with old techniques.

  3. I to have read this article with great interest. I am a University student planning to produce some Medieval encaustic tiles as part of an elective project. I am having great difficulty sourcing some “Reading Bed clay”. does anyone know where i might find some to buy…Many Thanks. Martin

    1. Hi Martin, thanks for reading! We’ve got two ideas regarding Reading Bed clay:
      Potclays ( or Sedgefield Pottery Supplies (

      Hope that helps!

      Thanks again.

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