claything flexible clay textile hybrid

Clay Cloth

Exploring new and unusual materials is a rare Tile Addict treat. Today there is something unexpected to see, the unlikely pairing of clay and textile. ‘Ceramics on the move’ is the tagline of aptly named CLAYTHING and the company’s desire is to take advantage of their knowledge of clay to break down the limited perceptions of this ancient material.

claything flexible clay textile hybrid
Graphit Weave (1000mm by 1000mm)

Experimenting with shape, form, and movement, CLAYTHING tests clay’s possibilities, moving away from the view that it is rigid and fragile. Instead it is showcased as an aesthetic treasure that is simple and tactile. By creating beads out of the material, and combining textile techniques to connect them together, a robust clay form that moves like fabric is made.

Flat Square Stitch (540mm by 500mm)

The company founder, Justina Monceviciute, has an educational background in Textile and Surface Design and continues her research through CLAYTHING, successfully challenging perceptions of clay, and forming “a playful fusion between art, material research and architecture”.

claything flexible clay textile hybrid
Foldable Clay (105mm by 85mm)

The creations themselves vary depending on colour, shape, and the type of weave used. Some forms are designed with the potential to be transformed into 3D objects with dense, tight weaves, whilst others are designed for hanging or laying. The long tube shapes of the Right-Angle Weave and the spherical beads from Floating Embroidery are both demonstrated as light-filtering products. The tubes and spheres are also utilised as tightly woven pieces that can be formed into free standing shapes.

claything flexible clay textile hybrid
Right Angle Weave (1500mm by 800mm)
Cube Weave (1000mm by 1000mm)

Cube Weave and Graphit Weave are described as heavy ceramic surfaces. Graphit weave is combined with metal for one way flexibility and is created with black porcelain. Cube Weave is made with black-brown clay and square units that are rotatable to enable a range of creations.


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