Orange Tiled Shower

Trend inspo: Statement Showers

To further emphasise our love for statement showers (and to offer oodles of inspiration for those looking to create one of their own) we’ve gathered a bunch more and located the tiles needed to make them!

1. Soft Zellige

Calming greeny blue toned zelige tiles offer floor to ceiling beachy vibes. Create something similar with Ice Blue Zellige from Otto Tiles & Design (UK), Moss Zellige from Tiles of Ezra (Australia), or Zellige Tea Ceremony from Clé Tile (USA).

2. Sunny Delight

These gorgeous half-sun tiles offer warmth with their rich orange shade, and decor that is simple but effective. The tiles used are Pomelo Terracotta from Zia Tile (USA), although Tangerine La Luna from Jatana Interiors (Australia) and Arch from Popham Design (Worldwide) are excellent substitutes.

3. Full Feature

Using the shower as a canvas is definitely one way to create a luxurious feature. The tree art featured below is Inner Forest from Wall & Deco‘s Wet System (Europe), but other ceramic wallpaper options like Acquaforte from Wide & Style (Europe) or Woods from Ceramica Fondovalle (Europe) are just as beautiful.

4. Lily Pads

Wonderfully popular for their striking look and various achievable patterns, lily pad tiles are an ideal choice for a statement shower. Try out Dandelion in Bottle Green/Canvas from Marrakech Design (Worldwide), Victory Emerald from Zia Tile (USA), or Sol from Ladrilar (Brazil) for a fab feature.

5. Rich Zellige

Zellige is simply one of the best choices for a statement shower due to the huge number of colours available and the varying shades found within each unique tile. The powerful emerald green tiles used in this shower sets the space apart offering fabulous contrast and a luxurious, intimate space. Make a matching space with Secret Lagoon from Clé Tile (USA), Jade Zellige from Zia Tile (USA), or Dark Green Zellige from Otto Tiles & Design (UK).

Tune in on Wednesday for part two!

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