Mighty Mash-Up

Usually tile collections have one theme, one concept, and one colour palette. It makes for cohesive designs and predictable combinations. But Imola Ceramica have taken a different route with their appropriately named Mash-Up. Despite appearances, white was the inspiration behind this range.

AM MASH-UP 4.tif

The neutral shades of white and almond proved to be the perfect backdrop for colour and pattern. Mash-Up does feature a large amount of these pale colours but the 300 by 600mm format expands well beyond the plain. Alongside the white and almond 3D wave and brick pattern are fifteen interesting decors.

bagno_1 mash up 36a.tif

The most standard of the offerings are those that are striped, collections of neutrals for each of the base colours, but also pastels. These pale earthy tones also feature in a weave pattern. A floral style and geometric shapes are also present in the collections. They come together in a group randomly spaces on the brick pattern enabling a combination of styles to be used with ease.

BAGNO 4 MASHUP mod.tif

The final three additions to the Mash-Up range come slightly from left-field. They each bring a burst of colour and character to add a little fun to the neutrals of the rest of the collection. Jungle offers a tropical floral scene with vibrant reds, yellows and blues, immediately adding richness and variety. Murales is a bright yellow abstract confusion of graffiti-like lines. It’s quite fun to look at and when used alongside the neutrals it is very effective.

AM MASH-UP 7.tif


Lastly there are two chicks to choose from. Each with their own pop of colour, a yellow beak or a red comb. They’re comical renderings, adding humour and individuality, and nicely round-up the curious combination of patterns in Mash-Up.


Imola Ceramica

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, July 2019.

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