Palatial Policroma

Combining materials is made easy with Policroma. Designed by Cristina Celestino for Cedit, these large slabs take two distinct surfaces and fuse them to create the stunning range. Using both the class of marble and the texture of Marmorino plaster, Celestino gives us the best of both worlds.


The six available colours feature four marbles, chosen for their rarity. Used throughout the years in historical buildings, Policroma’s marble choices bring these materials from the brink of extinction. Combining Celestino’s historical knowledge and eye for design, the resulting collection fires the imagination and brings together a raft of references.


The base colours are complimented by Cornice, Arco, and Volta which each present independent ways to display the material. The dark frame highlights the panels and the arches signify grandeur and add effortless space. The decors provide additional framing to the collection with long listello tiles (120 by 1200mm) that have a recurring set of dark rimmed rectangles.


Placing separate elements from Policroma together within the arches creates a magnificent look, either as a feature or full interior. A range of moods can be formed due to the colour and marble choices, making it a playful and exciting collection to utilise. Keeping historical marbles like Verde Alpi and Rosa Valtoce alive through these tiles is an awesome bonus for what is already an amazing collection.


The tiles come in five sizes; 1200 by 2400mm, 1200 by 1200mm, 600 by 2400mm, 600 by 1200mm, and a 1200 by 1200 triangolo.

Cristina Celestino

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