Cork tiles from Havwoods

Cracking Cork

Flooring company Havwoods specialise in wood of all kinda with products suitable for floors, cladding, and joinery. But their use of the outer bark of the cork tree is something for the Tile Addict.

Cork by Havwoods (5)
By laying the cork in a variety of ways, a range of styles can be achieved out of the material. There are three 3D designs on offer with various shapes and ridges that create a tactile surface. They are available in three colours – white, natural, and grey – and two sizes – 300 by 300mm and 150 by 150mm.

Cork tiles from Havwoods
Reyes Natural
Cork tiles from Havwoods

The larger panels showcase the texture and interior of cork. The layered cork on Skifer has a natural finish with veining visible from the slabs in varied thicknesses. Roda and Node have a look of rough grey bark, layered, cracked, and textured. Also with a natural finish are Eden and Ranor which have an organic look and appealing texture.

Cork tiles from Havwoods
Cork tiles from Havwoods

The visual variety of cork is also shown on products with a waxed finish. Toulon has an almost artistic quality with alternating veined squares. Paris is a cork terrazzo of sorts, with pulped areas separating larger cork pieces. Lille, Metz, Jazz, and Lyon further demonstrate the different visuals that can be achieved with cork. The large panels are available in 300 by 600mm and 900 by 600mm.

Cork tiles from Havwoods

As a highly environmentally friendly material, it’s great to see cork being utilised to create such a diverse range of surfaces. Havwood state that it can be harvested from the same tree for up to 200 years, making it an ideal sustainable decorating material.


A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, September 2019.

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