Deco Tayberry for 2020

In keeping with the tile world’s take on Pantone’s Colour of the Year – muted and dusty pinks used in place of the bright and lively Living Coral – Original Style‘s Tile of the Year is a mixture of soft pinks and berry tones. Deco Tayberry was selected for the 2020 honour in a combined effort from Original Style and interior designers 2LG Studio.


The tile is part of the Winchester portfolio in the Residence collection, a range of hand crafted English tiles. The designs are transferred with screen printing and reactive inks, enabling a unique finish on each individual piece. The ceramic tiles come in 129 by 129mm and a gloss glaze.


The importance of colour in interiors has been explored throughout the year, and the selection of Deco Tayberry as Tile of the Year fits the bill. As Jane Addis, Original Style’s New Products & Design Manager remarks: Deco Tayberry was designed with this movement in mind. Its heritage-pink glaze encourages the embrace of colour which, when paired with its Deco pattern inspired by the luxury and modernity of art-deco design; provides a dramatic yet sophisticated edge. Alongside its inherent rustic nature, these tiles are wonderfully characterful providing an authentic and distinctive style”.

original style tile of the year 2020 deco tayberry

It is a delightful design that adds charm, interest, and subtle texture to interior spaces. The glossy glaze accentuates the curved shapes and the design is wonderfully in-keeping with the trend for artisanal, hand crafted and unique pieces. What with its ability to fit various trends, including heritage, tactile surfaces and bold use of colour, Deco Tayberry seems the perfect choice for Tile of the Year.

2LG Studio
Original Style
Original Style’s Tile of the Year 2019

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