Solto4D Peronda Museum Surfaces tile natural stone

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Imitation stone is getting better and better. Companies are making use of improved technology to get an uncannily keen degree of accuracy for their products, enabling the resurgence of lost or rare materials, and an ease of use for dense and heavy stone that would otherwise be inaccessible for many projects.

Solto4D Peronda Museum Surfaces tile natural stone
Solto Antracita (1000x1000mm)
Solto Taupe (1000x1000mm)

New 4DTECH technology has been utilised to create a plethora of imitation surfaces for Museum Surfaces, including Solto. Using four different clays to produce the four colours (sand, taupe, grey, and black) a Nordic inspired stone is created. The tile body is coloured and printed for through-effects.

Solto Sand (1000x1000mm)
Solto4D Peronda Museum Surfaces tile natural stone
Solto Sand (1000x1000mm)

These slabs are offered in large formats (1,000 by 1,000mm and 500 by 1,000mm) although the production technology enables freedom and variety in terms of size and shape. The 1,000 by 1,000mm formats are available with both polished and matt finish, whilst the 500 by 1,000mm is available only in matt.

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