Carreaux ciment de Céleste Mogador

Luxury French jewellery company, and purveyor of fine things Céleste Mogador have added one of the finest things of all to their collections – tiles. Their range of nine patterns in a variety of bold hues and delightful designs are currently, unfortunately, sold out, but we can still admire them from afar.

Triangle (200x200mm)

Moroccan-made cement tile that serves as the basis for these vibrant chic designs featuring flora, fauna, and geometrics. Each tile has three colour variations, providing offers of muted, neutral tones and alternative contrasts.

Hirondelles (200x200mm)

‘Hirondelles’ tiles feature a bird motif with three pastel options – grey, pink, and blue whilst the ‘Cygnes’ design is decorated with black and white swans and colour pops in blue, teal, and yellow.

Muguet (200x200mm)

The differing florals in ‘Bouquet’ and ‘Muguet’ offer contrasting styles with a familiar 70s retro chic. ‘Bouquet’ rounded daisies are backed in aqua, orange, or black, whilst ‘Muguet’s drooping lily of the valleys take on teal, pink, and a deep orange/red. The geometric designs have a similar take on colour options, with the overriding theme being ‘vibrancy’.

Bouquet (200x200mm)

Céleste Mogador

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