Cle Tiles design Eskayel - Akimbo

Captivating Clé Collections

The founder of Clé Tile, Deborah Osburn, is a kindred spirit. After starting her blog ‘Tile Envy’ in 2009 with the aim to broaden the public’s perception of tile, she eventually launched an online tile shop in 2012. After garnering a following on her blog of those interested in unique decorative tiles, her online store quickly became a hit. Clé has since become known for collaborating with artists and designers to create some of the most exciting and innovative tile designs on the market.

Clé Tile design combination
Water Hexpool from Elements by Boris Aldridge (4″)
Cle Tiles designEskayel - Akimbo
Eskayel – Akimbo (8″x8″x5/8″)

The American company has found inspiration from across the globe, and introduced Moroccan Zellige into the US market. With a passion for tile and an unwavering belief that good design is timeless, Clé has now taken another large leap forward. In San Rafael, California, Osburn has transformed a warehouse into an enormous new company headquarters.

New West Pattern Five (8″x8″x5/8″)
Cle Tiles
Eastern Earthenware

The 12,000 square-foot building will include a showroom and a teaching space for up-and-coming tile apprentices and artisans, fighting against the extinction of tile craftsmen. This learning opportunity not only enables individuals to develop their craft, but also provides the necessary business knowledge of the industry, and gives the students a space to market their work.

Hex Medley Mixer (8″)

The desire to spread the love of tile across the pond is a noble aim. Nurturing the next generation of tile makers is even more admirable, and a quick look through Clé’s offerings show just how exciting the future of tile can be. The newest collection to grace the shop’s online pages is Fornace Brioni designed by creative director Cristina Celestino.

Clé Tile Celestino design combination
Fornace Brioni Cotto Tivoli (4.5×15.5)
Clé Tile Celestino design combination
Fornace Brioni Cotto Tivoli (4.5×15.5)

This collection of terracotta wall tiles was heavily inspired by Italy’s formal gardens and are a nod to topiaries and decorative vegetation. The three shapes work together in a curved pattern and feature natural, earthy tones and deep green. The tile bundle comes with all three shapes necessary to produce the pattern. They come unglazed although a glazed option is offered.

Fornace Brioni Cotto Tivoli (4.5×15.5)

Clé Tile

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  1. LOVED this company in every incarnation since the blog began! And I have to say, the name is something that as a fellow creative in the industry causes intense jealousy every time I see it… so simple and perfect – I don’t think there’s a better brand name in the world.

    Glad you guys featured her and her amazing collection. Hope the show is going amazing for both of you. Wish I was there to walk it with you!

    1. Agreed- great name. Am looking forward to featuring more of their stuff soon. Apologies for the late response, continued travelling a little after the show, but it was a good one- we had already found so much interesting stuff after the first hour (as you’ve now seen I’m sure!)

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