Intriguing i-CE AGE

The i-SUITE Hotel in Rimini has given one of its pools a marvelous mosaic make-over. The i-CE AGE pool is a maze of curves and waves of varied heights and lengths. The seating areas, steps, bridge, and pool are all formed which this characteristic fluidity.

i-SUITE Hotel Rimini i-CE AGE swimming pool mosaic tesserae sicis
Suite Hotel Rimini(1)
Delightful organic bends designed by architect Simone Micheli provide an other-worldly appearance and form a swimming pool that one wants to explore. The curious design is emphasised by the brilliantly white tesserae which cover every inch of it.

Suite Hotel Rimini-01
Suite Hotel Rimini(3)
Sicis tiles were used as the decor, with their 1cm square tesserae, on top of which they applied a SicisGrip finish to prevent customers from slipping on the various surfaces that surround the pool. The tiles provide perfect coverage and the mass of white gives the space the i-CE AGE feel.


Simone Micheli

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, September 2019.

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