Aracana wood look tiles oriental wood cersaie 2019

Wacky Wood

Wood-effect tiles don’t have to be limited to simple planks, and the companies at Cersaie did a good job of showing just how versatile they can be. Ceramica Rondine was the first to draw Tile Addict’s attention with its curious multi-layered effect wood-look planks. With the collection consisting of predominantly traditional wood-effects, the decors have a very different take on the style. A variety of circular patterns with their own form of visual texture also incorporate the grains of the plank to produce this interesting mix on the surface. It gives an almost random appearance to the tiles and the pattern definitely requires a double-take.

textured patterned wood look tile rondine cersaie 2019

Sant’Agostino had a variety of interesting wood-look style tiles on their stand, preominantly playing with a mix of materials for unique effects. Firstly a selection of Timewood tiles make use of shade variety and shape to create some fun pieces. Maze combines small, thin pieces of wood-look tile in varying shades with a stone/cement look to produce this appealing pattern whilst Timewood Mix plays on the idea of a plank but uses angled ‘cuts’ and wood-looks in three shades for this simplistic but highly effective design.

wood look tiles ceramic sant agostino cersaie 2019
Maze 9090
wood look tiles ceramic sant agostino cersaie 2019
Timewood Mix 20120

Most impressive of all was the company’s Intarsi collections (Classic, Elite, and Glam) – a whole range of impossible inlaid wood and marble combinations which take their inspiration from Italy’s cabinet making tradition. These tiles are incredibly intricate, honouring heritage and artisanal skill with modern techniques, producing a range of accessible classic designs that complement both the old and the new.

inlaid wood effect tiles sant'agostino cersaie 2019
Intarsi Classic 01
inlaid wood effect tiles sant'agostino cersaie 2019
Intarsi Glam 03

A completely different re-imagining of hand-worked wood comes from Arcana Ceramica in the form of Oriental Wood. Three new designs were presented at Cersaie – Komi (800 by 800mm), Nepli-R (800 by 800mm), and Nalati-R (100 by 393mm) all available in Crema and Miel. These psychedellic tiles have a wacky presence that is hard to ignore. They’re captivating and extremely unique, and definitely deserve a place on the list of wonderful wood-looks.

Aracana wood look tiles oriental wood cersaie 2019
Komi and Nepli-R in Honey (800x800mm)

Veneto Ceramicas had two woody offerrings – both incorporating paint into the textured effect. Alter Rainbow has 32 different designs with coloured arrow patterns and a semi-faded paint look. Tahta has a much more random appearance. Almost similar to Papier-mâché with a rough textured surface, and the decors feature an assortment of paint splatters and marks like the floor of an art room. It is a fun design that is very open to interpretation.

painted wood look tiles veneto ceramicas cersaie 2019
Alter Rainbow
painted wood look tiles veneto ceramicas cersaie 2019

Finally, Portinari‘s Nordic took yet another completely different approach to wood-looks. It was inspired by the Rovere wood of Northern Europe, which is where the collection gets is name. One of the unique and identifying characteristics of these porcelain tiles is of the bleached and corroded surface appearance, which gives a soft texture and pale tone to the pieces. The 3D decors are particularly effective, playing with shadows and depth, and shade variation that creates a dynamic interior space.

wood look tiles cersaie portinati
Nordic Decor Be Mix Nat

Ceramica Rondine
Ceramica Sant’Agostino
Arcana Ceramica
Veneto Ceramicas
Ceramica Portinari

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