Magnified Momo

Large format slabs have been proving increasingly popular, offering an expansive and seamless look, most commonly in marble and stone-effects. Multiple companies have taken this trend a step further, providing designs that take us even closer to the veigning and intricasies of the imitated stone. For example, Bloom from Del Conca, which packs a punch with its magnified marble, making onlookers feel comparatively small.

Momo large format tile design
Momo large format tile design

This style has been continued with a different type of large format in Momo. Designed by Miguel Ramia, the individual tiles are more reminiscent of mosaic shapes and formats, and one would be forgiven for thinking they were much smaller than they are in reality. This is perhaps why they have been presented alongside cars, sofas, and motorbikes so that one can properly conceptualise the proportions.

UVE Grande2
ZAPA Grande
Momo large format tile design

There are seven designs in total, each enabling a unique set of layouts. The shapes are predominantly trapezoidal, with varying angles and dimensions to offer a diverse array of geometric compositions. Pira, Romo, Cross, Midi, Topo, Uve, and Zapa are each produced in at least two large sizes and a wide range of neutral and soft colours and finishes.

ROMO Ambiente Grande

Momo Collection

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