Dark Blue Vertical Subway Tiled Bathroom

Trend inspo: Jewel Tone Bathrooms

Opulent, luxurious, and intensely pigmented, jewel tones add a world of colour like no other. Get inspired by our bathroom picks below and see how you can recreate the looks at home with our tile matches!

1. Emerald

Various tones of sea-blue, emerald, and jade mix together in a patchwork feature in this bathroom, adding delightful colour to the neutral floors and walls. Get the look with Dark Green Zellige form Otto Tiles & Design, Jade Zellige from Zia Tile, or Emerald Glazed Large from Jatana Interiors.

@bertandmay @artistresidence

2. Ruby

A powerful burst of red coats this bathroom from floor to ceiling with subtle texture and a glossy glaze allowing light to bounce around. Get the look with Lava Red from Mosaic Factory, Palace Red from Clé Tile, or Blusher Red from London Encaustic.

@amy_moorea @studiolifestyle_

3. Citrine

A rich earthy shade in textured zellige offers old-world charm and a grounding vibe in this small bathroom. Get the look with Golden Henna from Clé Tile, Amber from Zia Tile, or Amber Zellige from Otto Tiles & Design.

4. Amethyst

This light and white bathroom is injected with colour with a fabulous floor in purple zellige hex. Get the look with Sata D from Mosaic House NYC, Midnight Port Hex from Clé Tile, or Purple Iris Hex from Zia Tile.

@mosaichousenyc @peterpennoyerarchitects @katieridderinc @ericpiasecki

5. Sapphire

Speckled deep blue tiles add a sense of royalty to this moody sink. Get the look with Blue Lagoon from Seneca Tiles, Blue Velvet from Fireclay Tile, or Modern Brick Farmhouse Brindled Blue from Clé Tile.

@virtuetileanddesign @lmdesignstudio.no

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