Granby workshop new terrazzo tile brick & slate

Granby’s Brick & Slate

Granby, previously covered by Tile Addict here, have continued their tireless work in ceramics, creating extraordinary tile designs. The newest addition to their range more or less takes the form of their original Granby Rock, a terrazzo-like material created utilising waste bricks, slate, and other similar items sourced from skips. Their Brick & Slate terrazzo similarly replaces the usual marble chip with recycled local by-products.

Granby workshop new terrazzo tile brick & slate

The tiles have been made in collaboraion with a terrazzo manufacturer in the North West and produced by mixing the crushed waste with sand and cement in casts and polishing the surface of the final product to highlight the colourful chippings.

Granby Workshop Rubble Terrazzo Tiles

The orange brick and terracotta flecks pop against the grey cement whilst the black slate and blue/grey speckles add depth to the tiles. The varied textures of the recycled materials can be distinguished throughout the pieces, encouraging one to imagine their origins. The brick, slate, and terracotta flecks also provide the added benefit of matching their source material, ensuring that the terrazzo tiles go well with, for example, interior brick.

Granby Workshop Rubble Terrazzo Tiles

Not only are the unique pieces highly decorative and made to order, but they’re extremely durable and take manufacturing in a sustainable direction, and focusing on local production and recycling.

Granby Workshop

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, February 2020.

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