Liquid collection Patternity Dekton Consentino 2020

Patternity Partnership

Strong believers in the power of pattern Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham founded the ‘conscious creative organisation’ Patternity in 2009 to promote, inspire, and develop ideas surrounding the positive benefits of pattern in society. Embracing pattern as it presents itself in nature and the everyday in order to reconnect with our environment is at the core of Patternity’s philosphy.

Liquid collection Patternity Dekton Consentino 2020
Liquid Embers | Photo credit: Alberto Rojas

The desire to engage with life’s patterns has led the company to a variety of projects, including the production of a bold monochrome ‘Life Labyrinth’ outside Westminster Cathedral for London Design Festival 2019, and to a celebration of geometry and spirals for Moroccan cultural festival Beat Hotel in Marrakesh.

Liquid Shell | Photo credit

Now Patternity has brought their passion for pattern to the tile world, creating a range of liquid looks inspired by the undulating waves of water. The Liquid collection, created for Consentino‘s Dekton, consists of three colourways that include the dark, inky Embers, the grey veined Sky, and the delicate, cream Shell.

PATTERNITY_November Digital Updates2
Liquid Shell, Embers, and Sky | Photo credit: Alberto Rojas
Liquid collection Patternity Dekton Consentino 2020
Liquid Shell and Sky | Photo credit: Alberto Rojas

Each name makes reference to its alternate form – Embers representing a state where fire and liquid meet, with pockets and swirls like molten lava, Shell offering the illusion of sea over sand, and textural variants from life under water, and Sky with its marbled clouds that “pays homage to swirling energy and perpetual motion”.

Liquid Sky | Photo credit: Alberto Rojas

To develop the patterns the company used a water marbling technique with oil based inks laid over water. The resulting images were transferred onto Dekton’s composite body for a subtly marbled surface. Researching the collection led to a range of inspiring liquid forms and applications throughout science, art, spirituality, and most importantly, nature, although all come together to create the three final designs.


A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, March 2020.

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