Cevisama Curiosities: Fun Finds

Unusual styles, familiar designs, and Curiosities in their most fundamental form are what today’s collection from Cevisama are all about.

The Vitro range from Aparici caught my attention because at first I thought it was InLine from Pratt + Larson. But these tiles seem to be a much larger dupe with differing glaze and colour ways. With almost all the same line motifs, the two collections are strikingly similar but I am not sure if they are related.

This next find is a little silly. As I was scrolling through the 1000+ images I took at the show, I noticed a strange face peering back at me. On my quest to find Intergalactica tiles, I snapped a photo of Arcana‘s Les Bijoux display, unwittingly capturing a shocked clown in the process.

One of the shows most striking displays was the black and white sprawling sketches of faces and features from Codicer95. Seamlessly connecting one image to the next, Face Line White’s simple technique makes a magnificent art piece of each tile.

Offering up vintage vibes and a pasted wall effect, Aparici‘s Corten News Ornament tiles drew some conversation. Retro posters, newspaper clippings, and adverts create a collage of old school memorabilia and one of the show’s most unique tile designs.

As someone who delights in finding patterns, similarities, and tile matches (as you well know if you’ve seen any of my Interior Inspo articles or games of This or That? on Instagram) the final fun find of the show is actually twins! These two collections both feature small blues squares with a swirling geode effect, although Blue Pool Onix Mosaic from Flavour Granito is slightly moon cartoonish than Egeo Mix from El Molino and Egeo Mix is slightly more soft and blurry, they’re still twins to me!

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