ItalGraniti Hematite Coverings new tile collection

Italgraniti: Hematite’s Natural Neutrals

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Companies have been rising to the challenge, sending over selections of designs that were originally destined for this year’s show in New Orleans. One such company are Italian porcelain stoneware giants ItalGraniti. Their newest collection – Hematite – has been initially chosen for this opportunity.

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This directionally-veined stoneware range is expressed with both a natural and a lapped finish in a variety of formats (600 by 1,200mm, 450 by 900mm, 300 by 600mm, and 100 by 300mm for natural and 800 by 1,600mm, 600 by 1,200mm, and 300 by 600mm for lapped).

Italgraniti_Hematite_04 Negozio_Definitivo 01.0000

The veins add a touch of drama to the tiles, directing the eye, softening colours, and adding a sense of continuity. Hematite’s application potential is supplemented by the incorporation of the mosaic option that demonstrates a subtlety of design through the delicate inclusion of the veins.

Italgraniti_Hematite_07_REDAZIONALE BAGNO_Definitivo 01.0000

Four colours are offered in the collection: white, beige, grey, and black allowing different mood options and visual impacts. The textured angular relief decor adds diverse charm, emphasising the tonal qualities of the tile.

ItalGraniti Hematite Coverings new tile collection

The surfaces designed by ItalGraniti are LEED certified and therefore are produced in an environmentally-friendly manner without chemical waterproofing products, paints, or other materials proven to be harmful to humans and the ecosystem.


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