Looking upon a Lithuanian loo

Walking into a bathroom to find numerous windows looking in isn’t many people’s idea of a good time, but it’s certainly an innovative way to reinvogorate a drab interior. Lithuanian design studio Gyva Grafika are used to putting their creative minds to good use, decorating building exteriors with eyecatching artworks, and providing interiors and objects with unique designs.

gyva grafika bathroom tiles lithuania

Their improvement on this small bathroom is no different. Using images of Lithuanian building exteriors, especially local facades and the windows and walls of traditional Soviet-built apartments, Gyva Grafika created stickers to place over the tiles. Later the photographs were printed directly onto the tiles themselves. Both the stickers and the tiles are for sale on their website.


The tiles give a fascinating insight into the lives of the bathroom’s locals, including the few that can be seen looking out of their windows, and those whose washing hangs. Gyva Grafika demonstrate their take on the project, how these are the facades they grew up with, and how they are becoming extinct due to EU sponsored renovation projects. With these tiles they aim “not to neglect, but just to accept all, and move forward to a better and more optimistic tomorrow.”


Gyva Grafika

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