Serenissima Studio 50 new tile collection terracotta

Serenissima’s Synthesis with Studio 50

Traditional terracotta is given the spotlight with Serenissima‘s STUDIO 50. Celebrating their history of artisanal terracotta and combining it with today’s cutting-edge technology, Serenissima propose a modern surface effect.

Serenissima Studio 50 new tile collection terracotta

Six shades make up the range, a mix of the familiar tones of Perla, Sabbia, and Terracotta, and the more unusual colours Peltro, Corvino, and Verderame. A large number of decors add texture and variation to the collection, with mixed overlaid patterns and worn metal looks.

Serenissima Studio 50 new tile collection terracotta

Six varied sizes from the larger 1,200 by 1,200mm, to the smaller 300 by 600mm ensure the collection meets the needs of many types of projects and interiors. Tiles created with outdoor use in mind in 1,000 by 1,000mm and 600 by 600mm formats and thicknesses of 10mm and 19mm allow for visual continuity throughout altering environments.

STUDIO 50-11

The metallic/terracotta combo offers the contemporary flair intended, adding industrial chic and unique aged looks with the Carpet decors, and Inserto complements. The metal accents continue into the mosaic offerings with random inserts used alongside the roughly shaped squares.


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