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Stone, marble, concrete, metals: all these source materials have inspired Atlas Concorde‘s rich and varied collection of large sizes.  The result is a set of solutions combining technical and functional performance with a refined aesthetic, and apparent authenticity.  With this portfolio, porcelain tile surfaces become an unsurpassed furnishing element for indoor and outdoor spaces, with realistic effects and powerful visual impact. 

Marvel Dream by Atlas Concorde
Marvel Dream in Black by Atlas Concorde

Particularly when it comes to fit out projects for large spaces, large slabs express great aesthetic and compositional potential, conveying the optical effect of surface continuity, thus helping to create environments that appear more spacious.

Marvel Look by Atlas Concorde
XL Marvel Look, in Calacatta Extra design, by Atlas Concorde

Atlas Concorde offers a wide range of large porcelain slabs and the possibility of “unique style” solutions thanks to a harmonious coordination with the company’s wide range of surfaces.

The concept of tiled walls in interior architecture is evolving, and the applications for large sizes range from decorating walls and floors to cladding furnishing elements (bathroom or kitchen tops, washbasin tops, washbasins, tables, etc.), from residential and commercial buildings to indoor and outdoor spaces.

Thanks to outdoor modularity, conceived as an extension of indoor spaces, Atlas Concorde collections of large slabs make it possible to design outdoor spaces that are a natural projection of indoor environments, creating perfect visual continuity between interiors and exteriors and guaranteeing the technical and non-slip performance required for outdoor paving.

The performance of porcelain tiles makes them the ideal material for creating or covering furnishings with a total-look effect or, on the contrary, highlighting contrasting parts and details.

The choice of the size/thickness to be used depends on the type, shape and size of the furnishing element, with the possibility of choosing the one that makes the most of the product’s surface.

Marvel Dream by Atlas Concorde
Marvel Dream in Black and Bianco by Atlas Concorde

The Atlas Concorde range of large porcelain slabs is available in the following sizes: 1,600 by 3,200, and 1,600 by 1,600mm in a 6mm thickness; 1,200 by 2,780, and 1,200 by 1,200mm also in a 6mm thickness; 1,200 by 2,400, and 1,200 by 1,200mm, in a 9mm thickness; 1,200 by 1,200mm, for outdoor use, in a 9mm thickness; and 1,200 by 2,400, and 1,200 by 1,200mm, for outdoor use, in a 20mm thickness. The 1,200 by 1,200, 1,200 by 2,400, 1,200 by 2,780, 1,600 by 1,600, and 1,600 by 3,200mm sizes are rectified. They deliver a pleasant and wide-ranging graphic variability, with from 4 to 24 different patterns per item, depending on the format.

Marvel Dream  in Ultramarine and Black by Atlas Concorde
Marvel Dream in Ultramarine and Black by Atlas Concorde

The range is completed by non-rectified (single graphic) slabs under the Atlas Plan brand, ideal surfaces for worktops, kitchen tops, tables, furnishings, and backsplashes. They are available in 1,620 by 3,240mm slabs, in thicknesses of 6, 12, and 20mm.

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