Natural nuances and delicate details

In less than 20 years, the Armonie Group has developed into one of Italy’s most innovative ceramic companies.  Today, it offers a wide range of materials suitable for most environments: double firing, single firing, porcelain, 4.8mm stoneware, mosaics, glass, wood, brick, natural stone, and even quartz-resin. 

Crystal Stone by Armonie
Crystal Stone by Armonie in White and Grey
Shades by Armonie
Shades by Armonie in bianco and grigio

Armonie’s ethos encapsulates innovation, enthusiasm, design, flexibility, customer-focus, reliability, and research.  However, the real motor driving the Group’s success is people: a close-knit team that is always ready to face new challenges and is united by a passion for the product.  Below is a summary of the latest ranges from the Group’s two brands – Armonie and Eikon – that would have graced the exhibition halls in New Orleans but for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Crystal Stone by Armonie
Crystal Stone by Armonie in White, Brick and Smoke

Crystal Stone by Armonie is available in four colours, and 600 by 1,200, 600 by 600, and 300 by 600mm formats, enriched with mosaic and brick decors.  This stone-effect range delivers elegant nuances, meticulous detail, and soft veins, that are obtained through cutting-edge production technologies that faithfully reproduce the chromatic variability of the reference material.  In this collection, every slab is a work of art.  It is also distinguished by a balanced colour palette, with strong expressive value.  This not only delivers different shades of grey, but also a rippled surface that generates luminescence and brilliance.

Deco Art range by Armonie
Paint from the Deco Art range by Armonie

Deco Art by Armonie is both innovative and impactful.  With this range, walls become a canvas on which thoughts, dreams, and journeys come alive.  The aim of the Deco Art range is to fulfill the desire for decoration and design while delivering the full functionality of gres porcelain but wish to explore their imagination.

Metallica bronzo-verde lappato by Armonie
Metallica bronzo-verde lappato by Armonie

Metallica by Armonie is a hybrid project that combines the most appealing aesthetic aspects of two contemporary materials: cement and metal.  The material texture of the first is enhanced by the marks left by the passage of time on the second in a play of muted oxidation and delicate colours . Interpreted in four shades, in 300 by 600, 600 by 600, and 600 by 1,200mm formats, Metallica offers metropolitan elegance with added industrial appeal.

Larix miele by Armonie
Larix in the miele colourway by Armonie

In Larix by Armonie, the evocative character of wood is combined with the technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware, to create extremely natural and elegant surfaces that are well suited to modern living.  The faithful interpretation of wood creates colour combinations that are full of character.

Rift by Eikon evoke the look of aged concrete surfaces.  It is a modern expression of the current desire for environments with a sober and contemporary character.

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