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We’ve enjoyed following the work of Granby, with their uniquely organic and creative outlook, community-led approach, and appetite for experimentation. Now we’re excited to cover their large range of abstract style tiles from six different collections.

Granby Curve Tile abstract art tiles
Granby Multicolour Tile
Granby Mutlicolour Tile

Their Blob Tiles offer a selection of random ‘blob’ shapes that can be combined together to produce a sequence of fun, drippy shapes reminiscent of cowhide. There are 21 different colours to choose from that can be mixed-and-matched or used alone to produce a large-scale display of curious curves.

Granby Blob Tiles
Granby Blob Tiles

This use of random shapes has also been used to great effect in their Cyanotiles. These shade varied tiles celebrate blue with a gradient background and pale freeform shapes. A cut-out method is used to produce the Cyanotiles, as well as the Blob tiles, their Jumbo Terrazzo, and all of the other designs featured here.

The cut-out method ensures that each tile is unique by utilising randomly cut and composed elements visualised and created by a member of the Granby Workshop. This technique results in the distinctive and diverse patterns found throughout these wonderful collections.

granby cut out tiles

Granby’s Jumbo Terrazzo plays on the classicly random terrazzo style, but magnified the pattern and mimics it in black, white, and gold cut-outs. Block Colour is similar but highlights the shapes in only one of the 13 available shades.

Granby’s Jumbo Terrazzo
Granby’s Block Colour
Granby’s Block Colour

Multicolour Tiles takes the experience of collage a step further, utilising a large variety of colours and visual textures to produce a delightful mix-and-match selection of unique, individually crafted tiles. Finally Curve Tiles stands out as the cut-out designs with a more intricate approach. Curved lines are used to create dynamic displays with a more definitive attempt at cohesion, however the collection still revels in the endearing randomness of Granby’s Cut-Out designs.

Granby Multicolour
Granby Curve Tile abstract art tiles
Granby Curve Tile
Granby Curve Tile abstract art tiles
Granby’s Curve Tile

Granby Workshop

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