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Today we are bringing to you a hub of handcrafted tiles. Based in London, Istanbul, and Zurich, Otto Tiles & Design gathers the best in Moroccan and Turkish tiles, with an emphasis on bespoke products. To demonstrate the beauty in their collections, we’ll share a sample of their bang on-trend tiles.

Otto’s collection of Moroccan Zellige is combined with a sturdier form – Bejmat tiles. Although both are formed in natural clay, the Bejmat tiles’ hardier build makes them ideal for flooring. The rough-and-ready exterior that gives each monocoloured tile a unique finish makes Moroccan Zellige and Bejmat tiles the perfect surface for an idiosyncratic interior.

Their showstopping selection of Turkish tiles rely heavily on the incredible tradition of Iznik style, with a colour palette featuring bright red, cobalt blue, and turquoise. Florals and geometrics produce the designs whilst the vibrancy of the colours speak for themselves.

Their range of cement tiles come in a variety of shapes and styles from simple decorative striped designs to plain coloured squares, diamonds, and hexagons. The dusky surface has an earthy comfort with colour variations adding character and charm.

Contentious surface terrazzo is also represented within the collections with options featuring patterns, neutrals, yellows, reds, greens, and pinks, hexagons, and standard squares. Otto Tiles specialises in selecting some of the best of the tile world’s most popular styles.

Otto Tiles & Design

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