Ceramic Crop Circles

A company nestled in California’s endless farmlands continues a family tradition that has been alive since the 1920s. Founded in 1986 by Paul Burns, the ever fascinating and necessary material – clay – offers surprise and inspiration for Fireclay Tile. With a commitment to the implementation of sustainable manufacturing practices, using recycled materials, and employee welfare, Fireclay Tile is a company full of soul.

Fallow Warm (8×8)
Grove Warm (8×8)

Their various handpainted tiles showcase the company’s soulful nature but one in particular pays special homage to the agricultural landscape that surrounds the factory. The prolific use of centre-pivot irrigation has produced a fascinating terrain with crop circles abound.

In a collection of eight handpainted patterns, Agrarian demonstrates the variety of the surrounding lands. Circles, semi-circles, geometrics, lines, stripes, and sections each refer to elements that can be seen in abundance in the area.

6950 Columbia Gateway Drive
Terrain Warm (8×8)

Three colourways – white, cool, and warm – each offer something a little different and combined with the pattern variety enable freedom of expression. Individual designs can be used for a statement, or the patterns can be combined to tell a story. There is an enormous amount of potential to be found throughout Agrarian and the countless examples of the tiles’ use in interiors demonstrates the sheer number of possibilities to be found.

Fireclay Tile

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