Kaza Concrete Diverge collection Aimee Munro 3d tile

Brilliantly Bauhaus

Australian designer Aimee Munro used her knowledge of spatial psychology, inspiration from art and fashion, and a trendy take on colour and shape to create these five tile designs. With the study of line and shape the collection is produced with the spirit of Bauhaus in mind. Even the images and settings composed to show the tiles in use have been selected with a keen focus on Bauhaus.

Kaza Concrete Diverge collection Aimee Munro 3d tile
Strike, Find, Reach, Meet, Dip

An important factor in the creation of the Diverge collection is the strength each tile has to work as its own decorative element, but also their flexibility to work in combination with one another. Including the bold colour options, the variety of design options available within the range is vast and ones sense of space is readily altered by the 3D forms.

Kaza Concrete Diverge collection Aimee Munro 3d tile

Each tile measures 398 by 398mm and can be finished in matte or gloss for interior or exterior wall use. The use of line is key for each element, be it the diagonals in Strike, the square net in Meet, the verticals in Dip, the curve in Reach, or the central circle of Find. These fun pieces enable the creation of unique art with a really stunning impact.

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