Marlborough Tiles

Today we are sharing a company with a rich British heritage and an understanding that tile is where “science meets art”. Marlborough Tiles‘ story begins in the 1930s in the Wiltshire town that gives the company its name where two school teachers, Sylvia Packard and Rosalind Ord, discovered that painting ceramic tiles was not only a shared love of theirs, but was one that could … Continue reading Marlborough Tiles

Customising Cement

Sabine Hill creates cement tiles with an abundance of beauty. With inspiration from nature, daily life, and all sorts of places, designs range from the highly intricate to the subtle and simple. A huge selection of pre-designed styles and patterns are available from Sabine Hill’s catalogue, crafted with care by their Caribbean-based factory. With over over 60 years of cement tile making experience, they are … Continue reading Customising Cement

Carreaux ciment de Céleste Mogador

Luxury French jewellery company, and purveyor of fine things Céleste Mogador have added one of the finest things of all to their collections – tiles. Their range of nine patterns in a variety of bold hues and delightful designs are currently, unfortunately, sold out, but we can still admire them from afar. Moroccan-made cement tile that serves as the basis for these vibrant chic designs … Continue reading Carreaux ciment de Céleste Mogador