Stone Squar[e]

These 3D tiles break the abstract line between interior decor and art. Desiring to produce a collection that offers this artistic freedom to consumers, Italian designer Giovanni Barbieri makes use of relief for his Squar tiles.

With an unusual cracked-effect creating levels of shadow and juxtaposed with plain flat tiles, Squar[e] offers a little mystique. In a sequence of supposedly random shapes, Squar[e] produces a visual puzzle with ambiguous design.

Made from engineered marble, natural stone, clay as well as high-performance concrete to be used on floors, these tiles can produce a variety of impacts. Squar provides freedom to create wonderfully unexpected interior element that can be as simple or complex as one desires.

Giovanni Barbieri

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, August 2020.

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