Five new tile ranges that prove modern design is all about functional nature

Functional nature is sexier than it sounds. It’s using organic, natural elements at their core, most raw and practical form. It’s decor that takes a back-seat whilst still managing to envelope a space in a sea of design. It’s hardy, it’s durable, and it’ll last through decades of changing tastes. It speaks to our modern desire to revert to simpler times. It takes inspiration from … Continue reading Five new tile ranges that prove modern design is all about functional nature

Ensemble Assembles

Celebrating ten years of collaboration between Mutina and Studio Bouroullec is Ensemble. Refreshing company classics Pico and Rombini, introducing the new collections of Punto and Bloc, as well as a bringing Pico Bois which explores a new medium, Ensemble is a mish-mash with style. These diverse, but well matched, collections demonstrate the journey of Mutina, the versatility of ceramics, and the value in variety. The … Continue reading Ensemble Assembles

Five Italian Favourites

Seeing so many tiles day in day out can lead to a mind full of fabulous images, but it can be hard to remember every range, pattern, and design that’s tickled our fancy over the years. That said, there are some pieces in particular that have stayed with us, becoming firm favourites that we will never forget, so we thought we’d share a few of … Continue reading Five Italian Favourites

Ceramics of Italy Tile Trends Spring/Summer 2021

We’re still stuck at home, not visiting any tile shows and not getting our fix from Coverings, Revestir, Cevisama, or Cersaie. But Ceramics of Italy have come through with a trends report so at least we can share that! Organic Staying in makes the need for a relaxing home environment even stronger. And there is little more relaxing than nature. Emphasising wellness, calm, and rejuvenation, … Continue reading Ceramics of Italy Tile Trends Spring/Summer 2021

Function of FUGA

Mixing and transforming surface relationships and altering perceptions and expectations are just some of the many marvellous qualities of FUGA. The result is the creation of a flooring that is neither tile, nor entirely distinct from it. Born from Studio Irvine, or otherwise known as Marialaura Rossiello’s artistic direction and the surface of Matteo Brioni, FUGA fuses rigidity with fluidity in the most magical of … Continue reading Function of FUGA

Kle curves and connects

Last year we shared two of designer and creative Giovanni Barbieri‘s incredible ranges – Squar and Murano – both itricately curated collections with a smooth focus on texture and experimentation with effects such as relief and inlaid glass. And today we have another of his beautiful creations to share – Kle. Continued experimentation with tile led Barbieri to relax common conceptions of accepted shapes and … Continue reading Kle curves and connects

Marvellous Murano

Last month we covered the curious Squar tiles from Giovanni Barbieri, ‘presented’ at Dezeen’s Virtual Design Festival earlier this year. But that wasn’t all the Italian designer had to offer as two additional tile ranges made their mark, one of which we will share with you today. The Murano Collection is a fantastic mix of handmade terracotta, natural stone, and translucent polished relief inlay Murano … Continue reading Marvellous Murano

Mattonelle Margherita

Nathalie Du Pasquier has a mind full of design delights. Despite being a founding member of the Italian design and architecture group the Memphis Group, Du Pasquier later opted for painting over design with a strong emphasis on objects and object landscapes as her subjects. Now, working with Mutina since last year, she is becoming a fantastic source of tile inspiration. Her first contributions of … Continue reading Mattonelle Margherita

Stone Squar[e]

These 3D tiles break the abstract line between interior decor and art. Desiring to produce a collection that offers this artistic freedom to consumers, Italian designer Giovanni Barbieri makes use of relief for his Squar tiles. With an unusual cracked-effect creating levels of shadow and juxtaposed with plain flat tiles, Squar[e] offers a little mystique. In a sequence of supposedly random shapes, Squar[e] produces a … Continue reading Stone Squar[e]

Bric and Brac

Here at Tile Addict we have a slight obsession with cogobós and Italian brand Mutina is doing a fine job of supplying these ceramic screens to the European market. Notably our last article on the subject covered the gorgeous Celosia, designed by another Tile Addict favourite, Patricia Urquiola. But now it is a separate cogobó collab that we have to share. Nathalie du Pasquier‘s Brac … Continue reading Bric and Brac

Celebrating Gio Ponti

Architect, designer, artist, writer, and all-round inspiration Gio Ponti is being honoured at the “Gio Ponti. Amare l’architettura” exhibition, scheduled at the MAXXI Museum in Rome. The exhibition, curated by Maristella Casciato and Fulvio Irace with Margherita Guccione, Salvatore Licitra, and Francesca Zanella will be exhibited in gallery 5 of the National Museum of Arts of the XXI Century, and is set to run until … Continue reading Celebrating Gio Ponti

budri showroom Patricia Urqiola marble design interior

Creative Space

Earlier this year Milan welcomed another showstopping showroom to their streets. Located at Foro Buonaparte 60, right in the heart of the city, leading marble masters Budri can be found. Patricia Urqiuola, one of the brands creators and collaborators, and renowned architect and designer was enlisted to design the space. The idea was for the showroom to be more than a display centre, but to … Continue reading Creative Space

Minimale Arazzi Matteo Brioni Studio Irvine clay panels

Cloaked in Clay

This bespoke new panel system from Matteo Brioni makes marvelous use of clay. Company research into the use of clay and the artistic direction of Studio Irvine architect Marialaura Rossiell led to the creation of Arazzi – inspired by tapestries and re-imagined into a modern system. Arazzi is designed as a modular system of panels that can be formed and arranged to create personal and … Continue reading Cloaked in Clay