Tabarka Studio

There is a focus on material and beauty over trend at Tabarka Studio. Inspired by the search for “an elusive tile in a centuries-old basement shop in Istanbul”, the expansion of Tabarka has taken its founders across the globe in search for authentic charm, finding elegance amongst the mundane and delight in the unexpected.

Grafico 2

Despite beginning with a passion for terracotta (a humble material still represented heavily among their collections), their range has since grown to incorporate wood, special stones, terrazzo, and all manner of treats for Tile Addicts.

Their handpainted terracotta reigns supreme, with collection after collection providing a treat for the eyes. Zaha’s focus on hexagonal tiles and geometric shapes, Canyon’s sweet and delicate earthy shades, Noblesse Oblige’s relief style, and Paris Metro’s intricately decorative designs are just a few of the wonderful tile ranges on offer.

Palio 3

The handcrafted appeal extends into Tabarka’s simpler ‘Colours & Trims’ where textured brush-stroke tiles, and rustic worn solid colour designs can be found, along with metallic tones and trims.

Tabarka Studio

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