Colouring Collaboration

We’ve covered some of the colourful work of Adam Nathaniel Furman (notably his gateway at Design Junction and his Chelsea and Westminster Hospital designs) and now it’s his vision for town halls that we need to share.

With his incredible understanding of colour and its transformative properties to imagine town halls of the future, awash with shades and styles that reflect the mixture of people and perspectives of local areas.

Local creatives would be involved in the designs, creating magnificent murals and mosaics, making a space that not only reflects those living in the surrounding area but includes and celebrates them.

The powerful impact of colour would be demonstrated a thousand times over with unique, exciting, and engaging spaces representing a bright future of collaboration. Spaces that people can feel active within democracy and decision making.

Furman created the Democratic Monument for the New Typologies exhibition at the Architecture Fringe 2017, (curated by architects Lee Ivett and Andy Summers) three years ago and continues to champion the need for significant community spaces, especially in today’s climate.

Adam Nathaniel Furman

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