Five of Tile Addict’s Favourite Companies

Sometimes there are projects and creations that are not quite tile but that implement the same sort of methodology – be it with medium used for mosaics or with tile type materials and motifs used in a unique way. We think they belong in the Tile Addict blogosphere so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best to demonstrate why.

Granby Workshop Liverpool encaustic tiles

1. Smoke and Fire Tiles

Founded in Stamford, Lincolnshire by Mark Aldridge, Smoke and Fire Tiles is a superb company with incredible artistic talent. Their handmade artisanal tiles are absolutely stunning with unique texture, shade, and pattern found on every piece. The tiles range from square and rectangle with inky glazes, craquelure texture, and coloured glass inserts, to beautifully shaped individual tiles with nature-inspired motifs in vibrant colours.

Birds in Trees Charcoal Smoke and Fire Tiles
Birds in Trees Charcoal
Rough Diamond Smoke and Fire Tiles
Rough Diamond

2. Karak

This young Austrian company produces simply delightful tiles. Their pieces are handcrafted in clay and use Japanese Raku firing to create magically unique tiles full of character, texture, and beauty. Their fantastic talent is burnt in to each and every tile they produce and the effects are simply stunning.

Photo Credit: @studiowälder

3. G. Vega

There’s no choosing favourites when it comes to G. Vega. Each and every piece they create is a work of art. Simple, yet intricate, they showcase tile as something to be shown off, something to be seen and enjoyed, and something that transforms a space into a thing of beauty.

3D tile trend 2020
Handmade 3D relief tiles from G.Vega

4. Granby Workshop

Although this company produces fantastic tiles, they also have a fantastic origin story that makes them a firm favourite of ours. The Workshop was originally started by Assemble and the Granby 4 Streets CLT as part of the community-led efforts to rebuild a near-derelict Liverpool neighbourhood, Granby. After years of work the company remains strongly community orientated, staying local and supporting local initatives. Their tiles are highly creative, full of colour, character, and joy.

5. Clé Tile

Fellow Tile Addicts abound at US-based clé. It all started in 2009 when founder Deborah Osburn began her blog ‘Tile Envy’, which later morphed into an online store. Now it is a space for designers and artists to collaborate on tile-related projects and to do exactly what we at Tile Addict want – “to broaden everyone’s concept of tile and to transform it from being a functional backdrop to a more artful, provocative facet of our surroundings.”

Clé Tile design combination
Water Hexpool from Elements by Boris Aldridge (4″)

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