Surface Matter’s Stratum Selection

Last year we explored three of Surface Matter‘s offerings – Bencore, Durat, and Richlite – demonstrating the unique properties found in each, and highlighting the value they add to the world of construction and design. And now we have the pleasure of sharing their newest addition – Stratum – a continuation of Richlite with the added durability of birch.

Their other Richlite products found success not only due to their strength and innovative manufacturing process, but because of the creative freedom to be found in its multi-layered surface. With Stratum combining recycled paper and Birch Plywood, this delightful effect is continued.

The range is available in a variety of warm earthy tones with Richlite’s classic recycled paper offering a wonderfully tactile finish. Stratum Birch Ply is available in 18mm or 24mm thicknesses in 2,440mm by 1 220mm panels for use in any interior settings to produce unique furniture, doors, or shelving.

Surface Matter

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