Bountiful Bencore

Like many architectural surface producers before them, Bencore started out making products for a different industry. Starting up 20 years ago in Carrara, Italy, they manufactured thin, lightweight panels for industrial use on truck beds and yachts. Taking these key elements and emphasising rigidity and transparency their signature Starlight was developed.

Bencore Starlight architectural panel
Bencore Starlight™

Due to its versatile nature, enabling light play and the use of transparent components, the surface attracted the attention from those highly concerned with aesthetics- architects and designers. Running with this new found market, a range of additional products were produced, utilising different materials and demonstrating various alternative properties.

Bencore Starlight Hexaben Ecoben Kaos architectural panel

Bencore’s unique strength comes from its central honeycomb core which is sandwiched between two sheets of acrylic (PMMA), polyester (PETG) or polycarbonate (PC). The inner sections are created with plastic, aluminium, or cardboard with circular, hexagonal, or star-shape internal cells. To combine the multiple layers adhesive is only applied to the edges, leaving the centres clear.

Bencore Hexaben architectural panel
Bencore Hexaben™
Bencore Starlight architectural panel
Cafe Karavaevi in Moscow

Ecoben Wave™ is made with a recycled cardboard interior and laminated on both sides with co-polyester or acrylic resin. It works excellently as dividing walls, doors, and tables and has an intriguing finish that enables light filtration as well as privacy. Starlight™ has developed since it was first created, with variations for high-loads and fire resistance, as well as specialised products for raised floors. Depending on the product there is a wide variety of bright and beautiful colours in both gloss and satin finish.

Bencore Ecoben Wave architectural panel
Bencore Ecoben Wave™

Bencore Ecoben Wave architectural panel

Lightben™ gets a similar treatment. Created as an ultra-light panel with an interior structure of cylinders, it also extends into options for fire-resistance and UV protection. Larger and varied internal cylinders, and a range of colours are also offered as well as striking black and white options.

Ecoben Lightben Kaos 3D architectural panel
Ecoben Lightben Kaos 3D™

Bencore’s products make a statement, no matter which design, colour, or application is selected. Their ability to diffuse light, create ambience, enable privacy and produce visual effects makes them ideal for interior settings such as restaurants, hotels, and retail spaces.


A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, July 2019.

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