Beauty in Blue Marble

There is something completely magical about blue marble and blue-hued stone-effects. Nature’s abundant beauty knows no bounds but when it comes to practicality, porcelain and ceramic immitations can offer a little extra. To demonstrate we’ve compiled some of the stunning blue toned gems to be found in the tile world, and a little of their natural counterparts.

1. Marble Nouveau from Roca Tile

As with most marble and marble-effect surfaces, Marble Nouveau is a vision of elegance. The luxurious combination of blue and gold adds a touch of glamour to the marble-effect tiles with the refinement of a polished natural marble. These 1,200 by 1,200mm slabs create seamless interiors with delightful intricacies in every inch.

2. Marvel Dream Ultramarine from Atlas Concorde

Brighter oceanic hues are found in Atlas Concorde‘s Marvel Dream Ultramarine with a speckled surface and subtle veining creating an exciting, enigmatic look. Light hints of gold offer a sandy touch, or trick the eye into seeing shades of green, feeding further into the sea-like feel.

3. Sodalite Bleu from Rex by Florim

These porcelain stoneware tiles from Rex offer the magic of naturally royal blue Sodalite. Available in the brand’s Magnum Oversize slabs ranging from 1,200 by 2,800mm to 600 by 1,200mm, they create impressive focals for grand, unique interiors.

4. Narciso Frammenti Zaffiro from Viva

An entirely different addition to the list is a tile that doesn’t inspire to be stone-like at all, but has all the elements that make it a perfect option for those that love the opulence and statement achieved by bold blue. The decorative Frammenti tiles from Viva‘s Narciso collection are actually in part inspired by antique mirrors, yet the fractured, splitered surface creates a terrazzo-like, highly engaging and unique surface that we think sits very comfortably amongst the marble-effect alternatives.

5. Rhapsody Universe by Naxos

Naxos‘ fine porcelain stoneware takes the best of marble elegance and transforms it into an easy to use, durable, non-absorbent surface. Amongst their Rhapsody collection sits Universe, a deeply interesting moody blue marble with thick gold veining. To add further decorative layers, their Outline Blue, Mosaic Brick Univese, Mosaic Mood Blue mix metallics with contrasting marble looks.

6. Royal Blue Sodalite and Huvafen from SolidNature

Demonstrating where all these visions of magical blue stone come from, SolidNature specialises in the best of natural stone including these two brilliant examples of turquoise and ultramarine options. The ethereal beauty of pale blue onyx and the rich power of natural gemstones are just two examples of how sometimes nature can surpass our expectations.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, March 2021.

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