Quirks of Quilt

It’s the irregularity and beauty found in ‘patching’ rather than perfection which inspires the range we’re focusing on today – Quilt. Designer Marialaura Rossiello explains the background of the design, how it is the old tradition of patchwork, a craft that often utilises geometrics and highlights the decorative qualities in the ‘patches’.

Chalk and Chalk Cameo (94x94mm)

To make a feature of this, Quilt’s design occupies a corner with an irregular feature. These corner segments can be placed together to create squares, laid in a geometric pattern, or installed to lightly mimic Venetian Seminato.

Chalk Raw (94x94mm)
Clay and Clay Mud (94x94mm)

Of the eleven distinct elements, six are plain with two surface options (Regular or Raw) for each colour (Chalk, Clay, and Mud), and five with coloured corners (Chalk Cameo, Chalk Sugar Paper, Chalk Ochre, Clay Mud, and Mud Slate).

Chalk, Chalk Ochre, Chalk Sugar Paper, and Chalk Cameo (94x94mm)
Mud and Mud Slate (94x94mm)

Whether mixing and matching between tone, enjoying textural variety, or keeping it simple, Quilt’s subtle style makes for marvellous decor.

Studio Irvine

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