All the kintsugi collections

The beauty of the Japanese art kintsugi has clearly sparked the imagination of many a tile designer, so today I’ve gathered all the collections I could find for all the kintsugi lovers and Tile Addicts out there.

1) Ensō from Wow Design

In Ivory, Sand, Blue, Green, and Graphite, gold veins create decor and glaze contrast in these 12.5 by 12.5cm tiles from Wow Design. Ensō features a worn effect alongside the metallic veining for a unique multi-tonal display.

2) Kintsugi from Ceramica Fioranese

Larger format Kintsugi from Ceramica Fioranese come in four colours (Moonlight, Fog, Storm, and Darkness) with each having a matching colourful patchwork-effect decor.

3) Kintsugi_20 from Ceramica Fioranese

Going a step further than the decors of Ceramica Fioranese‘s Kintsugi, Kintsugi_20 highlights the patchwork elements, creating a set of three colours (Rust, Blue, and B&W).

4) Kintsugi from Aparici

Amongst a mix of tin-look tiles, Aparici‘s Kintsugi collection contrasts oceanic greens and blues (and a white) with glistening gold veins. Subtle faux wear also features, adding dimension and character to these lovely tiles.

6) Impact Nature Kintsugi from Atlas Concorde

Atlas Concorde‘s Impact Nature Kintsugi is probably the most unusual kintsugi tile of this lot. Rather than gold or colour, these tiles create a kintsugi effect by stitching together stone-look sections in varying shades of grey and beige.

7) Kintsugi from Claybrook Interiors

Giving the look of mended marble, Claybrook Interiors’ Kintsugi tiles feature gold veins across the surface of four stones (Bianco Carrara, Nero Marquina, Blue Forest, and Verde) for a striking touch of detail.

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