Desert Tones for Norman Bricks

Last year we looked at California-based Fireclay Tile‘s farmland inspired collection Agrarian, and now they have a new set of tiles for us to share. Adding to the large number of skinny formats and elongated metro tiles is Norman – the longer brother of Brick.

The collection takes its name from the Normans of Normandy who built their castles with larger, longer bricks in order to use less mortar, hence their stretched appearance. Today the Norman brick is more popular than ever, with the skinny format offering a touch more elegance and a few more layout opportunities than the classic metro.

Along with their new skinny bricks come eight new glazes inspired by the vast arid landscapes of the American West deserts. The beautiful earth tones capture the variety of rock and sand, dust and sun, working fabulously as neutrals whilst offering a comforting layer of character.

Fireclay Tile

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, May 2021.

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